Silk ribbon with wood beads & acrylic, gold or silver plated metal or metalised plastic spacers.
Earrings may be ordered with necklaces or

All necklaces & earrings available in any choice from our colour selection.

Choose from gold plate (GP) or silver plate (SP) components

(Please quote code number to order)

Necklace with acrylic spacer beads-9.95
Length:  Approx 18"/19"
Shown with earrings-6.95
Colours Shown L-R: 12,11,13.


Necklace with lozenge shaped bead 
& plated metal spacers-12.50
Length : Approx 21"/22"
Colours Shown L-R: 1 with SP, 2,3,4 with GP


Necklace with Round Bead
& Plated Metal Spacers-12.50
Length: Approx 18"/19"
Colours Shown L-R: 12, 13,5,6 with SP
Necklace with Round Bead
Shown with Earrings 6.95
Colour Shown: 08 with GP


Double Strands Adjustable 17"-22" approx (larger on request)
Double Strand Patterned Drum Bead-14.00
Colour Shown: 9
Double Strand Round with Spacer Bead-14.00
In SP or GP. Colour Shown: 05 with SP
Double Strand Patterned Tube Bead-14.00
Colour Shown: 6
Bracelet, One Size Adjustable-6.50
Colour Shown: 10, 02, 05 - SP Only
Ear Clips SP only (18x13mm)
Colours Shown L-R: 02, 01
Earrings SP & GP (18x13mm)
Colours Shown L-R .. t-b: 10, 09 .. 04, 05


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